2014-Demo Studio: Teaching as a Design Process

D Center.  Baltimore, MD. Curated by Rachel Valsing

Bmore Art written feature of Demo Studio. 2014


Bmore Art written feature of Demo Studio. 2014

“Kathleen Mazurek’s “Finding Your Voice Through Media” helps students regain their natural curiosity with the world by building confidence and self-awareness. When students create work that is reflective of themselves and their own ideas and feelings, they can focus on making art as an outlet to come to terms with themselves.  In turn they begin developing early personal techniques or learn to think independently – prevalent mindsets in the contemporary art-making process. At Demo Studio, the goal is to teach art as not just a way to create, but also a way of thinking. Instead of instructing with predetermined steps, teachers provide guidance to students’ own projects.”

mqdefault  Mr.Moccasin-MarmaladeVideoStill

2010-Various live concert projections

Link to Impose magazine gallery feature of Great Tap Root’s performance. Windup Space, Baltimore, MD.

YouTube Channel


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